USB cables for Astronomy

 >> Now also cables for Nexstar, Robofocus and TrueTech Filter Wheel <<

Having computer control og my HEQ5 mount is of crusial importance when taking pictures, and the easyer it is the better. I dont want to spend a minute configuring COM ports or check wires.

This is the best way I have tried yet, and therfore I want to let you in on it.

After a few attempts of getting a USB to RS232 adaptor working with the included serial cable, I gave up! The adaptor had a ton of drivers and only the oldest of them seemed to work, however windows loved using the latest of them. And every time the USB connection needed to be reconnected the adaptor chose a new COM port. And because of the size of the adaptor, I couldn't use the USB connector nex to it ;-(

I had often thougth about using a FTDI chip for making a USB to RS232 connector, and not to long ago I found that they were making pre molded cables with RS232 output. That I had to try!

The USB to Synscan cable is a great replacement for the traditional adapters, and DB9 connectors, and it is my experience that it keeps the COM number, even though I chose another USB plug.

The software settings must be set up just as for the standard RS232 cable, once this is done you won't notice the cable again and it acts just as an old fashioned serial cable. The telescope can then be interfaced with the appropriate Celestron Ascom driver, or even better througt EQMOD.

Apart from the Synscan cable, a EQMOD cable could be made with a cable from FTDIchip. And I'm sure cables for NexRemote are atractive to.

Here are drawings for the cables, so you can make one for yourself.

You can buy the parts from Lawicel in Sweeden or directly from FTDIChip. The cable you wanna get is found in the drawing.

If you don't want to make one you can contact me througt the website and I might make it  for you at a reasneable price (aproxmetly 33€), please send a <<mail>> and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Here is a small demonstration video of the cable used with EQMOD:



Other cables that would be easy to make:


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